Actuator Test Systems | Digilogic Systems

Digilogic's Actuator Test System uses advanced equipment including a Frequency Response Analyzer, Universal Waveform Generator, Data Acquisition System, Servo Control Unit, and Load cell test setup.

The Actuator Test System is used to measure the performance of the Actuator using the Sine, Step, and Triangle waveform generated by the Universal Waveform Generator. Utilizing PXIe modules with LabVIEW software, the Actuator test system conducts comprehensive tests on Actuators. Data acquired from the testing process can be stored securely and analyzed to effectively meet the user's needs.

Digilogic's Actuator Test System, tailored for the demanding requirements of the defense and aerospace sectors, offers a comprehensive solution for testing actuators. The system employs an integrated approach, combining static and dynamic testing methodologies to rigorously evaluate the reliability and performance of actuators destined for mission-critical applications.