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Wash gently in warm water with a gentle soap. Thoroughly rinse in water of the same temperature.Gently push the extra water off the garment. Never twist or wring anything. Lay... Read More

Men's Socks Decoded: Choosing the Right Pair

Alpaca fibre is sometimes compared to cashmere and possesses the sheen of silk, making it even more attractive. It has no lanolin and is inherently hypoallergenic. Most wool-sensitive persons can... Read More

Alpaca fibre is even more appealing because it possesses the sheen of silk and is sometimes compared to cashmere. It is inherently hypoallergenic and has no lanolin. Alpaca is generally... Read More

Alpaca fibre was once known as "The Fibre of the Gods" and was only worn by aristocrats. Anyone who wants clothes made of a better fibre can now get it.... Read More

Alpaca yarn has a natural sheen that makes it ideal for drapey patterns and items intended to be worn close to the skin. To maintain our alpaca yarn's natural and... Read More

Regardless of the poncho, scarf, or accessory you choose, you will always be warm and dry since alpaca fibre is inherently windproof and water resistant. Our processed alpaca fibre is... Read More

Alpaca fibre is ideal for socks and insoles because it is six times warmer than wool, has excellent breathability, and wicks moisture away. You'll have grateful feet. Alpaca Time's range... Read More

Although the location on the farm didn't make sense, we discussed expanding the business in 2014 by opening a retail space. Instead, we began doing a few shows. A property... Read More

With Tom's assistance, we were able to design and produce two pairs of socks in roughly fifteen minutes: Pro's Choice golf socks and Star Trekkers, our take on a hiking... Read More

For alpaca growers, we provided specialised processing. Early on, it became clear that in order for this to succeed, we would need to have a finished product that we could... Read More