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This book is about Bastu Shastra of house development what's more, land puja. A superb book that assists you with learning and apply the well known Indian Vastu Shastra for... Read More

Acyutananda was a sixteenth century writer soothsayer and Vaishnava holy person from Orissa India. He was considered to have the ability to see the previous present and future. He was... Read More

“Jhanja” is a novel which was written by Kanhu Charan Mohanty,published in 1949,by Friends Publishers.Kanhu Charan Mohanty was born on 11 August 1906 in Nagabali village of Cuttack, India, to... Read More

Paika Disobedience of 1817 is an outfitted rebel against the English by the Paikas of Khurda in Odisha. The defiance took structure and shape under the administration of Buxi Jagabandhu... Read More