Dust Extraction Systems Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

Best Industrial dust extraction system, most competitive prices
Customers can service these manufactured Dust extraction Systems, manufactured by us, at the most competitive prices. Whether you are dealing with powders, medicinal, plastics, foods, rubbers, minerals, waste, recycling, or manufacturing we have the experience to supply you with results to your problems. Our company provides a comprehensive and full package from our free original discussion, design, manufacture, and installation through to the handover and final commissioning of the extraction system. At Envipro Engineering Pvt Ltd, we have a wealth of experience within the Dust extraction industry and as a complete stock provider for all sectors of the industry.

Specification Of Dust Extraction System
General location of the bag filter
Screen House
Dust Extraction efficiency at source- between 95 to 98%
Crusher House
Dust emission at the exhaust- Less than 20 mg/Nm3
Transfer tower
Materials handled- Coal / Lime Stone / Rice Husk / Pet coal
Dust emission at the exhaust-Less than 20 mg/Nm3
Dust concentration at suction handles- 50 g/Nm3
Dust Extraction System consist of- Bag Filter / Rotary Valve / Centrifugal Fan /
Conveying ducts / Suction Hoods / Isolation dampers