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Amrols Medical India Pvt Ltd (AMIPL HEALTHCARE) is a leading health care services provider.
We provide healthcare services to
»Health industry
Also, companies already in healthcare or want to join healthcare services.
We provide tailored package to everyone.
Also our package includes the following-
»Medical Equipment Planning
»Financial Advisory & Fund Management
»Facilitating Govt. Scheme & Benefits
»Healthcare Management & Operation
»Management & Operation
»Human Resource Planning
»Healthcare Business Development
»Legal and Compliance
»Health Care IT Services
»Hospital Set-Up Solution
»Home Nursing Services in Ranchi

We are specialized in supplying a wide range of medical equipments to health care professional.
We understand the need for reliable and efficient equipment in hospitals.
We always ensure to provide the best equipment to our healthcare individuals.
We collaborate with healthcare professionals to ensure a seamless process of our equipment in their infrastructure.
You can contact us if you are looking for health care and other services.