How To Do Jumping Rope Exercise to Lose Weight – In 30 days

Its Not  a Rocket Science . Have you ever seen any person who is jumping and jumping with a single rope , yeah that’s jumping rope  Or also know as Skipping Rope . See jumping Rope Or Skipping Rope  is a Underrated Exercise but i have seen its popularity is developed  in few years  . So if Wanted to lose weight by  aerobic exercises then jumping rope will be so helpful for you . Jumping rope is a full-body workout , which can  increases your heart rate, strengthens your lower body and improves coordination and cognitive function.

3500 Calories is equal to 1 Pound . and if we convert it into KG then we got 1 KG is Equals to 7700 calories, So lets Suppose if you wanted to lose 5 Kg in a mouth then of course need to calculate it first .