James ‘Jay’ M. Kelley III: The Compassionate Legal Artisan of Ohio

James “Jay” M. Kelley III, an Ohio personal injury attorney, defies the typical lawyer stereotype. At first glance, he appears to be an ordinary, approachable individual—a quality that sets him apart. His diverse interests and talents could easily place him in various professions, from teaching to business or even medicine, despite lacking formal training in these areas. Jay is a unique individual who has seamlessly integrated his diverse passions into his legal career.
Educational Journey
James “Jay” M. Kelley III is an Ohio personal injury attorney known for his exceptional legal skills and compassionate approach to his clients. Graduating from Ohio’s College of Wooster and the University of Akron Law School, Jay has an impressive resume, being a member of numerous bar associations and recognized as a top lawyer by many ranking organizations.
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