Know Will I win the court case?

Court case astrology can be of great help when a prediction has to be made on “Will I win the court case?” but caution has to be exercised while selecting the astrologer to answer this question because this is not a simple or general reading that any astrologer can easily do.
Suppose general rules of astrology are to be applied. In that case, the sixth house comes close to giving the readings/predictions of the court case matters as per the birth chart because, from the sixth house, matters related to enemies, victory over enemies, enemies causing troubles/grievous injuries, compromise, fighting and its outcome, enemies properties, hostile attitude etc. are the significations of the sixth house apart from other signification such as hatred, illness, infections, wounds, death, robbery, mental worries, fear and phobia, mental anxiety, fraud, sufferings and harassment, introvert nature and maternal uncles and aunts.