Medical specialists Medavakkam

Looking for expert medical care in Medavakkam? Our Speciality Centre offers comprehensive treatments for a wide range of medical conditions, ensuring personalized care and effective results.

Our Comprehensive Medical Treatments Include:
Frozen Shoulder: Effective therapies to restore mobility and alleviate pain.
Back Pain: Holistic approaches for managing chronic and acute back pain.
Total Knee/Hip Replacement: State-of-the-art surgical procedures for joint restoration.
Foot and Ankle Disorder: Specialized care for various foot and ankle conditions.
Trauma Surgery: Expert interventions for fractures and traumatic injuries.
Bone Tumor: Comprehensive treatment plans for benign and malignant tumors.
Lumbar Spondylitis: Management strategies for lower back inflammation.
Cervical Spondylitis: Dedicated care for neck spondylitis.
Sciatica: Targeted treatment options for sciatic nerve pain relief.
Lumbago / Dorsalgia: Holistic approaches for lower back pain relief.
Knee Pain: Advanced therapies to address chronic and acute knee discomfort.
Osteoporosis: Prevention and management of bone density loss.
Geriatric Disorders: Tailored care for the medical needs of elderly patients.
Rheumatology: Expert management of rheumatoid conditions.
Plantar Fasciitis: Effective treatments for heel pain and inflammation.
Bunion: Surgical and non-surgical interventions for bunions.
Flat Foot: Correction and management solutions for flat feet.
Deformity Correction / Malunion: Surgical procedures for bone deformities.
Tennis Elbow: Comprehensive treatment approaches for elbow pain.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Effective therapies for wrist pain and numbness.
De-Quervain's Syndrome: Specialized care for thumb tendonitis.
Ankylosing Spondylitis: Management of chronic spinal inflammation.
Rheumatoid Arthritis: Advanced treatments for rheumatoid arthritis.
Psoriatic Arthritis: Comprehensive care for psoriatic arthritis.
Sports Injury: Tailored treatment plans for sports-related injuries.