Palmistry meaning and its significance

Palmistry Meaning
Palmistry is the practice of talking about a person’s character and personality through his/her hands. This practice has been present in India since the time of Shastras and has been used since then. It is believed that palmistry is being used to predict about person’s personal life, health, professional life, and money.Prateekhas been practicing palmistry for the last 8 years and he has helped numerous people in gaining some guidance about their lives.

Palmistry for heart, health, and love
There are different lines for heart, health, and love on our hands which predict our health and love life and how it will be. While looking for these three lines, you have to be very specific and understand the meaning of different lines. Each person has a different reading of palmistry since the lines are different. If you want to get your palmistry reading sitting at home, you can check various online applications available for palmistry and register on the platform for the same. To have more information on this, go and see thepodcast of Prateekwith the RealTalk Clips channel.

Palmistry for Career and Money
Many people rely on the readings of palmistry entirely and don’t do anything on their own. For example, if your money line on the palm says you will be a rich person but in reality you are not willing to do any hard work for it. Then the reading will turn false. Palmistry readings will always provide you with predictions that can be 100% guaranteed results. Palmistry believes that you can change your life as well as destiny. This statement has been proven by the research done by Prateek.

Palmistry in India
While searching online you will see hardly any Indian research websites based on Palmistry. Most of the websites belong to the UK, Italy, Canada, and the USA. One main reason behind this lagging is the trust of Indians in Palmistry. When Britishers were ruling in India, they took this science of palmistry back to their home countries and started rese