Rice manufacturers in Punjab – Ameena Rice

Explore the essence of Punjab's finest rice with Ameena Rice, leading the way as premier rice manufacturers in the region. Immerse your senses in the authentic taste and premium quality of Ameena Rice, cultivated in the fertile fields of Punjab. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every grain tells a story of tradition, care, and unparalleled flavor.

At Ameena Rice, we take pride in our heritage of producing high-quality rice using a blend of traditional farming methods and modern innovation. Our modern facilities in Punjab uphold the highest standards of quality, delivering a product that stands out for its purity and taste.

Ameena Rice represents a dedication to sustainable agriculture, making each grain not just a dietary delight but also an environmentally conscious choice. Whether you are a chef seeking perfection or a connoisseur of quality rice, Ameena Rice brings you the richness of Punjab's agricultural legacy to your table.

Indulge in the diverse range of rice varieties meticulously crafted by Ameena. From aromatic Basmati to the heartiness of long-grain varieties, our rice reflects the diverse flavors that Punjab is celebrated for. Trust Ameena Rice to elevate your dining experience with the authenticity and excellence that define Rice manufacturers in Punjab.