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Alpaca fiber is windproof and water repellent, so any poncho, scarf, or accessory will keep you warm and dry! Alpaca Time makes Terry mittens and headbands on-site using processed alpaca... Read More

Alpaca fiber is naturally water and wind resistant, so whatever poncho, scarf, or accessory you choose, you will be warm and dry! Terry mittens and headbands from Alpaca Time are... Read More

Insoles and socks are ideal because alpaca fiber wicks moisture away, is superior to wool in breathability, and is six times warmer than wool. The soles of your feet will... Read More

Alpaca fiber is an ideal material for socks and insoles due to its superior breathability, six times warmerness than wool, and ability to wick away perspiration. Your feet will be... Read More

Alpaca fiber is six times warmer than wool, breathes well, and wicks moisture, making it ideal for socks and insoles. Your feet will appreciate! From medium-weight to thicker Terry socks,... Read More

Six times warmer than wool, alpaca fiber wicks away moisture and is ideal for socks and insoles. You will reward your feet! Alpaca Time offers excellent comfort, warmth, and cushioning... Read More

Comparable to cashmere at times, alpaca fiber possesses the lustrous quality of silk, which increases its desirability. It is lanolin-free and hypoallergenic by nature. Wool-sensitive individuals can generally wear alpaca... Read More

Being compared to cashmere and having silk-like luster makes alpaca fiber even more coveted. Naturally hypoallergenic and lanolin-free. Alpaca is comfortable for most wool-sensitive persons.Alpaca Time makes its high-quality items... Read More

The sheen of silk and occasional comparisons to cashmere make alpaca fiber even more appealing. Naturally hypoallergenic, it contains no lanolin. Alpaca may be worn easily by most wool-sensitive people.Alpaca... Read More

Inca fiber was once revered as "The Fibre of the Gods" and was exclusively offered to nobility. Anyone desiring garments constructed from a superior fiber can now obtain them. Alpaca... Read More